Powerlifting for Women

PTC South Melbourne is home to medium, tiny and tall, women with the same goal: be strong.

We embrace and support strong women. Our female lifters have found lifting to be empowering, and our aim is to catalyze them to be even stronger versions of themselves. They have found a strong carryover from lifting to other areas of their lives – our gym has become witness to women forging stronger bodies and stronger minds. To date, the hard work of our strong women has resulted in national records and consistent strength progress, whilst getting leaner. While we don’t endorse big egos at our gym, we are 100% supportive of guiding our strong women towards bigger squat, bench and deadlift numbers.

“No Douchbags. No Exceptions”

— PTC Philosophy

female deadlifting female powerlifter PTC South Melbourne

“No Douchbags. No Exceptions”

— PTC Philosophy

female powerlifters PTC South Melbourne

Our facility is however, not limited to powerlifters, and we also have weekly female group training classes.

We keep our groups small to ensure our classes to do not become run-of-the-mill cardio classes.

We want to give women the tools to be stronger and any other ancillary fitness goals they may have – not how to run around the block 10 times.

To date, our ladies have since lifted the respective numbers:

Ruchell Hutton

Under 52kg – 37 years old

130kg squat

57.5kg bench

155kg deadlift

Ruchell achieved these numbers with only 12 months lifting experience and currently holds the Submasters GPC World Squat Record .

Venecia Bachee

Under 56kg

127.5kg squat

65kg bench

175kg deadlift

Venecia is also a competitive strongwoman and has since set a GPC Australia Deadlift Record.

Shenae Healey

Under 67.5kg – 24 years old

190kg squat

90kg bench

187.5kg deadlift

Shenae achieved these numbers with only 12 months Powerlifting Training and currently holds 3 Junior GPC World Records.

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