Thomas Lilley :

Technique and Programming Workshop

Date – Sunday 29th October, 2017 from 9am

Thomas Lilley

Thomas is arguably one of the most successful coaches in Australia today. Thomas is the owner/operator of PTC Gold Coast, and also runs a successful online coaching business. He has a wealth of technical and programming knowledge, and a team of lifters that win meets and break records – so we’re bringing him down for you to learn from!

Over the course of the workshop he will break down the squat, bench press and deadlift and take attendees through a practical session to ensure theory translates to practice. In addition, he will cover some of the programming techniques/tools he has found useful. So useful in fact that in 2016 alone his lifters took a number of wins, including (but not limited to) –

Overall Champion – QLD GPC State Titles
Overall Champion – Canterbury NZPF Regionals
Overall Champion – GPC Australia Nationals
Overall Champion – CAPO Australia Nationals
Overall Junior Champion – NZPF Nationals
Overal Champion – GPC NZ Nationals
Overall Bench Press Champions – GPC Australia and New Zealand

Whether you are looking to improve your own lifting of that of your clients, this workshop will access to one of the sharpest minds in the country. Don’t miss out!

Please note: Thomas believes technique is king and as such the workshop will involve a heavy practical component, so please be ready to lift – appropriate clothing and footwear is required.

Cost – $150

(Spots are strictly limited to 20. Be quick!)


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