Our Team

At PTC South Melbourne we have highly experienced strength coaches.

Our coaching team is led by some of the most highly experienced strength coaches in Australia. At PTC South Melbourne the training principles are undermined by fundamental programming concepts. We pride ourselves in utilising the athletes’ individual abilities, potential and circumstances, to achieve optimal strength gains. Our athletes have benefited greatly from our coaches’ keen eye for detail, particularly biomechanics specific to lifting. No two athletes are the same, but every athlete has the potential to become stronger version of themselves – our role as coaches is to catalyse this process.

Located within close proximity to Clarendon Street and only a tram ride away from Melbourne CBD, there is really no excuse to get stronger.

Currently home to some of Melbourne’s strongest powerlifters, we pride ourselves on our close knit iron family of varying strength levels and backgrounds – from beginners to elite lifters. We have novice lifters with little background in strength sports achieve impressive numbers under the watchful eye of our coaches.

Andrew MacGregor

Andrew comes from a background of competitive basketball and extensive experience in individualized coaching. With a strong interest in the nuts and bolts behind building stronger bodies, Andrew has played a pivotal role in coaching many lifters towards achieving optimal strength gains despite their unfavorable circumstances e.g. injuries. His strong alliance with respected health professionals reinforces his holistic evidence-based approach towards strength training.

Alex Deken

Alex is the current resident coach at PTC South Melbourne, providing specific and individualised programming and guidance to powerlifters. His impressive powerlifting competition experience provides him with invaluable insight into strength training and competition preparation. In addition, Alex has prior studies in exercise science and sports coaching. This combination has been instrumental to his effective coaching skills in assessing lifters’ movement/technique and rectifying their weaknesses.

Shenae Healey

Shenae is no stranger to lifting and excelling at it – previously a bodybuilder (achieving numerous top placings), she is also a current GPC junior world record holder. Her dedication for lifting, specifically powerlifting, gives her the drive to further empower others, including women to strive towards getting stronger.

PTC South Melbourne is fortunate to have Shenae on our team, not only an experienced fitness professional but very much an accomplished lifter.

Shenae’s story:

I started my fitness journey  when I first moved to Melbourne. It wasn’t an uncommon story – I had stopped playing sport after moving, so I joined a gym to keep fit. I started out as a “cardio bunny” with a bad relationship with food. I eventually found out about weight training and realised I really enjoyed challenging myself to lift heavier and honestly, just being strong.

Having experienced how fulfilling focusing on getting strong can be, my goal as a fitness professional now is to help and motivate other women on becoming stronger (and not skinny) versions of themselves. Strength is empowering.

My sporting background: Athletics (state champion), cross country, netball, volleyball and tennis. Started from a young age and played all up until I was 18.

What motivates me: I find that I naturally have a strong intrinsic motivation to be the very best that I can be. I am though inspired by others who have achieved greatly in their sport – two women I look up to are Andreia Brazier (bodybuilding) and Stefanie Cohen (powerlifting).

Isabella Von Weissenberg

Isabella started her powerlifting career in 2013 and quickly rose to international level. She made her debut on the Swedish National team in 2015, earning a bronze medal overall at the Classic World Championships and a European record in the squat. Today she is the current and eight time IPF raw world record holder in the squat in the -72kg category, the European record holder with a 528kg total, twofold European champion and a four time World Championship medalist. In 2017 she was voted IPF Female Lifter of the Year and in 2018 she became the lightest woman in the IPF to squat 200kg in sleeves. 2019 she was ranked 10th strongest female in world on IPF points across all weight categories.
Over the years, Isabella has coached lifters both online and one on one in a variety of formats, as well as handled competitors at both Swedish and US National Championships. For the past three years, she has held powerlifting seminars and lectures all over the world, presenting at events such as the European Powerlifting Conference 2018 in Dublin and The Global Strength Summit 2019 in Dubai. Isabellas specialties are autoregulated training programs and mental skills training for powerlifters.