30 years old | Project Manager | Southbank
What got you here?

I work down the road from PTCSM and it was the obvious choice for convenience. It’s the only gym in the vicinity with the right equipment. Plus I heard they allow dogs

Why did you stay?

I stay because I genuinely love the community and the friendships I have made at PTCSM. It has a great balance of elite lifters to beginners. There are no ego’s and no one is too good to help when needed. I train 4-5 days a week and with each session lasting around 2 hours I need to train at a place that feel comfortable and I would enjoy going to each night.
PTCSM provides that and more. The culture is that of a family and we all get along so well.
Why do you lift?

In the beginning I trained because it made me feel good but also to get stronger. I enjoy the process, the challenges and the reward of it.
Now that I compete at a reasonably high level, I do it because it has become a passion of mine and I want to see how far I can take it.

“Learn to surround yourself with people stronger than you.!”

— Rob, tips for beginners

“Learn to surround yourself with people stronger than you.!”

— Rob, tips for beginners

Where did you start and where are you now?

I had trained for over 10 years before I started my powerlifting journey, I just randomly started following Jim Wendlers 531 at a commercial gym. I was progressing reasonably well and decided to do a competition. My first comp was at Fuzzy’s Power Gym in Adelaide at the SA State Titles. To my utter surprise I won and also qualified for Nationals.
I joined PTCSM shortly after nationals 2017 because saw the team competing and felt they carried themselves very well at Nationals . They had a decent group of people competing and showed great sportsmanship and team spirit throughout the weekend. It was something I wanted to be apart of.
Since joining PTCSM and having Alex Deken as my coach, I have won gold 3 times, qualified for Nationals in two weight classes in the same year (2018: 90s & 100s-), competed at ProrawX, ProrawX1 and increased my total by 92.5kg. I would not have done this without PTCSM – or at least not had as much fun!
What about your goals?

My goal is to be one of the best 90kg and 95kg lifter in the country. I believe that PTCSM provides the right environment for that to happen within the next 3 years.
I’m slowly chipping away at this goal and have had it mapped out since I started in 2017. My short term goals are more around improving my individual lifts. If I can improve these incrementally then my total should always improve.