Our Lifters

PTC South Melbourne prides itself on our friendly community and our desire to be no bullshit, dedicated powerlifters. There is no one type of ‘powerlifter’ and our lifters are no exception, with countless different backgrounds, day jobs we at PTC  have a common goal,  be better and lift more.

Our lifters come may come from different backgrounds, but all share the goal of getting stronger in the sport of powerlifting. Under the watchful eyes of our coaches, our female and male lifters across all ages and sizes, have advanced progressively in their 3 lifts. Some have started with little to no little experience with lifting, others required further technical assistance; from little things, big things grow. Read on to hear our lifters’ stories.


37 years old | Credit Executive


27 years old | Financial Analyst


23 | Personal Trainer


30 years old | Project Manager


32 years old | Bids Manager


43 | Banking and Finance Strategic Sourcing Consultant