Powerlifting for Men

PTC South Melbourne is home to some of Melbourne’s best powerlifting equipment and strongest powerlifters. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where men can switch off and just focus on dedicated powerlifting training.

This is no average gym; there are no big egos, no flashy mirrors , no fad training styles/diets/trainers. At PTC, we believe in old school training (technique and strength-based coaching), and we have a great lifting space for the pursuit of greater strength. PTC is open to everybody – you don’t have to be strong, or fast, or lean, BUT if you want to get BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER or LEANER, then PTC South Melbourne is the place for you.

“No Douchbags. No Exceptions”

— PTC Philosophy

“No Douchbags. No Exceptions”

— PTC Philosophy

The minute you walk into our gym, we treat you like a lifter – no less, no more and most importantly, no inflatable egos.

Our guys have all started their iron journey at different points but we do not discriminate; our iron family consists of experienced powerlifters with national records to novice lifters learning the fundamentals of the 3 lifts.

To date, our men have since lifted the respective numbers:

Alex Deken

Under 90kg – 24 years old

320kg squat

200kg bench

325kg deadlift

Alex is our resident Powerlifting coach and currently holds the All Time Australian Under 90kg Total Record.